Photos and Tweets from the 6th LSF

DSC_0566The 6th London Stroke Forum was a great success! We got the chance to see lots of new faces for this event and the feedback from everyone was quite positive.

Allow me the chance to wax poetic. We created the London Stroke Forum back in late 2014 with a simple wish – to have a pan-London lecture series on stroke research geared to clinicians, academics, stroke survivors, students, and the general public. This is the first time the venue has shifted away from King’s College London, and it was incredible to see University College London picking up the proverbial ball and doing a fantastic job in the process. (Two thumbs up for Dr. Sumanjit Gill!)

Thank you all for your support and dedication, I hope you enjoyed the 6th LSF. I’ve set up the picture gallery, so have fun perusing.

IMG_0448IMG_0450We also live-tweeted the event, so do pop on by @London_stroke in case you missed it. I cherry-picked one tweet just to whet your appetite.



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