Prof Gary Ford: Developed Protocol for Clot-busting Stroke Medication

In honour of Prof Gary Ford’s upcoming talk on 13th May (in 2 days!), we want to highlight a few of his accomplishments in a series of posts.

Thrombolysis is a clot-busting drug. If a stroke is caused by a blood clot, this drug may be able to break down and disperse the clot that is preventing blood from reaching the brain, therefore making the stroke less damaging.

Prof Gary Ford established a thrombolysis protocol in Newcastle in 1997 which has treated over 250 patients with intravenous thrombolysis. Currently 8% of acute stroke patients are treated with this drug. He also chaired the Emergency Response working group of the English Stroke Strategy and is Coordinator for England of the Safe Implementation of Thrombolysis in Stroke (SITS) database.

Prof Gary Ford’s talk is this Wednesday! Come on over to King College London’s Guy Campus and hear him speak.


Professor Gary A Ford, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Academic Health Science Network

 Title: Hyper-acute stroke therapies – meeting the challenge of translating evidence into clinical practice.

 Date and Time: Wednesday, 13th May 2015 at 12pm-1pm.

 Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, New Hunt’s House, King’s College London, Guy’s Campus, London SE1 1UL.

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